USB WebCam Driver

USB WebCam Driver 1.1

USB driver for webcams on Macs

If you're having problems getting a webcam to work with your Mac, then try installing USB WebCam Driver. View full description


  • Can force webcams to work on Macs


  • Trial resets every 30 minutes

Not bad

If you're having problems getting a webcam to work with your Mac, then try installing USB WebCam Driver.

USB WebCam Driver works with most major webcam manufacturers. This trial version however is limited to 30 minutes at a time which means you have to unplug and reconnect your camera to keep using it. Please note that unless you have a FireWire or Philips camera, your serial number is tied to the computer you register on, and you'll need that to register the driver if you intend to keep it.

Installing the Driver

You don't have to have your camera connected when you install USB WebCam Driver but you may need to identify the type of camera you have before the driver will recognize it. Just change the name that appears in the QuickTime Video Settings dialog.

The developers encourage users to test the driver thoroughly before purchasing it, including with supported applications such as Skype, Facetime etc.

If you're suffering from webcam driver problems on your Mac, USB WebCam Driver may be your solution.


  • Unified USB & FireWire Camera support
  • Support for new cameras
  • IOXperts Camera Control - Adjust video settings in applications which do not use the standard video settings dialog (iChat AV, Yahoo Messenger, etc)
  • Software Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • FaceTracking
  • International Camera Settings - 14 languages. Requires an internationalized video application
  • And more...
  • Support for the latest USB and FireWire APIs
  • Simplified installation and registration

Your peripherals are only as good as the device drivers that run them. And it's not unusual for the software bundled with a PC card or camera or whatever not to support all of the hardware features.

For example, lots of wireless PC cards and webcams out there don't work with Macs out of the box. Not because they can't, mind you. All you need is the right driver.

USB WebCam Driver


USB WebCam Driver 1.1